Download SHInstagram v1.50
SHInstagram v1.50

Update :- SHInstagram December 2018

Release Date :- 11 December 2018

Modded by :- Atnfas Hoak (Omar)

ReModded by :- Ahmad Al Shikh Ali

Available :- Worldwide

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Changelog v1.50 :-
-->> Base Updated to
-->> IGTV is Supported In-App Now
-->> Added Video Calls
-->> You Can Make any Chat Favourite Now
-->> Now You Can Add Voice Note in Stories
-->> Now You Can Add Tags in Stories
-->> Fixed Bubble Color While Replying to Stories
-->> Fixed Themes After Viewing Post in Search
-->> Fixed Crash When Clicked on Download / Preview

Changelog v1.40 :-
-->> Base Updated to
-->> Fixed Profile Pic Blur When Zoom

Important Notes :-
-->> Profile Pic Cannot be Fixed as Instagram Removed the APIs. Developer Will Try Something New in the Next Update. Apps Available in Playstore have their Own Servers So Dont Say About Them.
Download SHInstagram v1.50
Download SHInstagram (com.instagram) (45.48 MB)
Download SHInstagram (com.shinstagram) (45.48 MB)
Description: This is the Official December 2018 Update of SHInstagram by DevAhmad
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