Download NEInstagram v7
NEInstagram v7.0

Update :- NEInstagram July 2018

Release Date :- 11 July 2018

Modded by :- Atnfas Hoak (Omar)

ReModded by :- Nasser (altornedo7)

Available :- Worldwide

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Changelog v7.0 :-
-->> Base Updated to
-->> Added Chats Filter
-->> Added Favourite Button for Chats
-->> Added Privacy - Hide View Status Privacy
-->> Fixed Profile Pic Zoom Blur

Important Notes :-
-->> Profile Pic Cannot be Fixed as Instagram Removed the APIs. Developer Will Try Something New in the Next Update
-->> Video Calls Not Available in this Update but it Will Surely be Available in the Next Update.
Download NEInstagram v7
Download NEInstagram+ (com.instagram) (35.35 MB)
Download NEInstagram Red (com.neinstagram) (35.67 MB)
Download NEInstagram Blue (com.neinstagram) (35.69 MB)
Description: This is the Official July 2018 Update of NEInstagram by Nasser (altornedo7)
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